Monday, July 15

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Take great live action video with a Go Pro Hero HD 2

The wearable Go Pro Hero HD 2 is all new The most versatile video camera has just stepped it up again by adding twice as much fun in the new Go Pro Hero HD 2.  The new model comes in three models specifically designed for different environments: outdoor, motorsports and surf.  While the original HD Hero camera featured 5MP, the HD Hero 2 can shoot up to 11MP, has a lens that is twice as sharp and functions better in lower light situations.  Rapid fire photos has increased from 3 per second to 10 per second and it has LED lights on all 4 sides instead of just the front. Entirely new features of the Go Pro Hero HD 2 include the ability to WI-FI stream video to the web and control the camera from your smartphone.  All of that and the battery life has stayed about the same at just over 2 h...